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Cosmetic Dentistry

Psychologists say that humans are built to size each other up within seconds of meetings. We observe attire, face shape, vocal tone, and overall appearance. Right or wrong, it’s human nature to make these snap judgement, so it’s important to be aware of what kind of first impression we make. Your smile needs to be your signature accessory. It’s free, it’s infectious, and it’s personal.


TMJ Treatments

Dr. Agatep may be able to shed a little light on chronic head pain. Millions of Americans struggle with Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) headaches without realizing it. This complex joint allows the lower jaw to fit and function against the skull in front of the ears, and one or both joints may become inflamed.  If you are suffering from pain associated with TMJ and need TMJ treatment in San Diego,  we may be able to help you.


Pinhole Surgery

Pinhole Surgery offers rejuvenation for receding gums. This technique is far more comfortable than traditional surgical gum procedures. Damaged gums are gently re-positioned to the proper height, without cutting or stitches. We are one of few dental practices in San Diego certified in this advanced technique. Call us today if you are looking for a San Diego dentist certified to treat receding gums using the Pinhole Surgical Technique.


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What our patients are saying about us

Having been in TV News for 25 years, maintaining a great smile has always been a huge priority for me. It's especially important now because of High Definition, which is unforgiving. If you're looking for a pain-free, extremely professional, reasonably priced and dedicated dental experience, look no further!!! –Phil Blauer, Fox 5 San Diego

It was my first dental appointment at this office and so far I'm impressed with everything: very neat and clean office; professional personnel; technology and procedure as compared to at least three other dentists I was dealing with. It was just a dental exam including x-ray and photos resulting with action plan with clearly explained details.–Blake H.

She explained TMD, its causes and symptoms and options to correct it. She was very specific to my symptoms and causes and knowledgeable. it was very informative and made me feel comfortable proceeding with treatment.–Elise A.

I really like the modern design of the facility and the staff are always friendly. I have been to several dental offices around San Diego and this facility is top notch. My hygienist is simply the best. She has a gentle touch and she clearly explain the procedures before, during, and after each sessions. Thanks. This office earned my highest recommendation.–Ricardo S.

I have been a patient of Dr. Agatep and her staff..since 2011..and I’m very pleased with my experiences..about six procedures..You are made to feel very comfortable and every detail.. major or minor is addressed..The pain associated with major procedures..that I was expecting…never came..I trust Dr. Agatep and her staff and that’s important..She is the best dentist that I have gone to..and there’s no reason to go anywhere else..Going to the dentist can be scary but with Dr. Agatep and her staff..it’s as good as it gets!–Paul M.

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