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Free Whitening For Life

Upon completion of standard exam, x-ray and cleaning.*

*Not all patients will qualify for whitening treatments, some restrictions apply, see practice for details. 

A beautiful white smile for a happier you.

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Investing in your smile is an investment in your life.

Smiles matter, probably more than we realize. Volumes of research confirm the influential role of smiles on our relationships and our self-esteem. If you're confident, you smile more. If you smile more, you feel more confident. But what if you don't want to flash your smile because you're embarrassed by yellow teeth? It becomes a psychological short-circuit, with effects that may ripple through your life. Fortunately, a growing range of options opens doors for anyone to enjoy a stunning white new smile.

Our passion for enhancing smiles brings you the best results in modern dentistry.

If you’re unhappy with your smile’s appearance, then we would like to help. We will work closely with you, no matter what your situation is, and help you attain the healthy beautiful white smile you deserve. Schedule your visit today!


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A Brilliant Smile Your Best Accessory

Investing in your smile is an investment in your life. Teeth whitening is dental magic for your mouth. Discover how whitening and other options can get you a stunning new smile.

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Smile and the world smiles with you.

A fabulous pair of shoes or a new suit might attract attention, but a first class smile draws results. Regain that youthful radiance with teeth whitening. It’s fast, reliable and easy. It’s a smart move. And that reflects well on you. Now that is a happy thought.

Meet Our Dentist

Dr. Kathrina Agatep

Dr. Kathrina Agatep

You’re probably reading this because you want to get an idea of who I am and whether or not you should trust me to be your dentist.

That’s totally fair, and I would advise all of my friends and family to do the same due-diligence as you when choosing a health-care provider.

I'm a dentist who absolutely LOVES being a dentist. This was a childhood dream of mine, and I'm grateful that I have been able to turn that dream into reality.

My passion is reflected in my work, and I strive for clinical, biofunctional, and aesthetic excellence.

You and I are going to spend a lot of time together, so I invite you to be part of our dental family. So relax, allow me to do what I do best, and welcome to Dental Design SD...where beautiful smiles are created.

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