Invisalign & Bonding

This patient came to see us about his crowded teeth. Patient was embarrassed about his smile, and wanted the least invasive procedure to correct his smile.

Treatment included Invisalign, ZOOM Chairside Whitening and minor bonding to correct chips and uneven areas. Patient was extremely happy with the makeover and not having to lose tooth structure for veneers.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation, TMJ Case

TMJ Patient came to our office complaining of head, neck and back aches. Patient was also very unhappy with the overall appearance of his smile, primarily complaining of the overcrowded look of his front teeth.

Using Neuromuscular therapy, we were able to fix his bite, and finally address his aesthetic needs using Veneers.

Veneer Case 1

This patients had braces when she was younger. However, patient was dissatisfied with the square shape her teeth had, and the hypocalcification (white spots) on her front teeth.

Treatment: Eight veneers placed to change to shape of her teeth and mask the hypocalcification.

Veneer Case 2

Veneer Case 3

Rita came to us requesting that we rework some crowns on her 2 front teeth that a previous dentist had done. The patient was also unhappy with the narrow appearance of her smile, and wanted a brighter, full and more even smile.

This is Rita’s smile after having her crowns replaced on her two front teeth and veneers placed on her adjacent upper teeth.