Dental Implants in San Diego

Implants are comprised of 3 components, the implant itself, healing abutment, and restorative crown

Implants are comprised of 3 components, the implant itself, healing abutment, and restorative crown

Dental implants are an ideal solution for patients who are suffering from missing or problematic teeth. Modern dental implants function like natural teeth and provide a much better alternative to traditional dentures or bridges. In addition to mimicking the form and function of natural teeth, dental implants maintain bone structure that would otherwise be lost due to missing teeth.

Aside from the aesthetics, missing teeth will lead to bone loss due to the lack of stimulus provided by chewing. In the same manner that weight bearing exercise strengthen bones, your jawbone needs teeth in order chew and maintain pressure and stimulation to the underlying bone.

Dr. Kathrina Agatep is a Misch Implant Fellow and completed a multi-year surgical program for implant placement. Dr. Agatep expert in restoring functionality and aesthetic design, and she can also help you plan out a successful implant road-map that fits your needs. Dr. Agatep also works side by side with Dr. James Mahooti, who has placed thousands of implants in San Diego and Bay Area and is an expert when it comes to implant placement and surgical techniques.

If you’re wondering how much dental implants costs in San Diego, we have published our office fees here. Implants may be covered by certain insurance plans, but we advise that you check with your carrier to verify. Typical dental implant fees are between $3,500 - $5,230, and financing options are available. Note that we include the CT scan, healing abutment, bone graft, and porcelain crown into the fee.

Illustration of a placed implant

Illustration of a placed implant

The Implant Process

The dental implant surgical procedure will vary from patient to patient.  Before any implant is placed, we utilize a CT scan to analyze bone structure and density, and plan out the placement angles which will differ per patient.  If a bone graft was required prior to placement, we will monitor the bone growth before placing the implant.  Once proper bone density has been achieved, the implant is carefully placed and allowed to heal and integrate into the jaw.

Implants can't withstand normal bite forces until the bone has attached firmly to the delicate surface. Dr. Kathrina Agatep will help you decide what will work best during the initial healing period, and ensure you're still able to function while protecting your implants. This period usually lasts from 3-6 months as implants integrate into your jaw. Most patients experience minimal discomfort after placement, especially compared to tooth removal procedures.

After the healing period, a custom implant crown or bridge will be attached to the implant. Dr. Agatep utilizes her cosmetic expertise to fabricate the restoration to look and function just like your natural teeth.

How much do dental implants cost in San Diego?

Dental implants are comprised of 3 different components.

  1. Implant

  2. Healing Abutment

  3. Crown

In addition, we highly recommend a CT Scan in order to provide a 3D image of the jaw, bone graft to promote bone growth, and the possible use of a surgical guide to streamline the surgical procedure.

The complete cost of the procedure, including materials, can typically run between $3,500 and $5,230. We always utilize the best labs and materials, and take no shortcuts when it comes to placing dental implants.