Meet Dr. Anastasia Avina

Dr. Anastasia Avina is a graduate of University of California San Francisco where she received her degree in Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS).

Dr. Avina has been a part of Free Dental Clinic project and Give Kids A Smile program – which has treated over 400,000 underprivileged kids over the last decade. Having practiced dentistry for the past 9 years and treating thousand of cases, she has extensive patient experience ranging from children to adults, those with dental anxiety, and special needs patients. She is part of a team which includes dental anesthesiologists, treating patients under different levels of sedation including general anesthesia.

Dr. Avina is passionate about holistic approaches to health and views dental health as part of an overall mind and body wellness. She performs routine exams for early diagnosis of oral cancer and believes in prevention of caries and gum disease through comprehensive patient education. She is passionate about transforming patients self image through creating beautiful and healthy smiles.

In her free time Dr. Avina enjoys rock climbing and competitive ballroom dancing.