Should I buy Dental Insurance?

We all know that medical insurance is a must have, but do you really need dental insurance?  For many folks, the answer is "it depends".  Sorry for the non-committal answer, but I think everyone first needs to understand how dental insurance actually works.

First, let's define what insurance actually is:

Insurance: a thing that provides protection against a possible eventuality.

So take that definition and compare it to your traditional insurance plans, ie. Medical, Auto, or Life.  What do all those plans have in common? They protect significant protection against risk or the unexpected.

With dental insurance, it acts more like a prepaid plan for basic care.  With a typical plan, you typically get 1 exam, 2 cleanings, 1 set of x-rays, and a discount on any work that may need to be done.  Depending on your group plan, it may run between $300-600 per year, with a cap at $1.500 per year.  After the $1,500 is used up, responsibility is on the patient to pay for anything over your maximum benefits. 

If you're a healthy individual, chances are you could pay out of pocket for your exams and cleaning, and still pay less than your yearly premium.  The problem arises when you hear the words "periodontal disease" or "crown" or "implant".  Any combination of those words probably means that any work rendered will exceed your benefits.  On top of that, there are so many exclusions to navigate that your benefits plan may not cover anything at all.  After all, insurance is a business, and it makes sense why your $600 premium won't cover a $5,000 implant case.   

So what do you do?  Well, do the math and assess your oral health.  If you're healthy, consider paying out of pocket for your regular cleanings and exams.  If your not so healthy and money is tight, you can check out the local dental schools for less expensive treatment options.  You may also want to find an office that offers their own in-house dental benefits plan.  For a few hundred dollars per year, you can get your cleanings, exams, and a significant discount on procedures directly through the dental practice.

Dental Design SD accepts all PPO insurance, and also offers a lower cost in-house dental benefits plan for those without dental insurance.  If you don't have dental insurance and are interested in saving up to 20% on your restorations, call us at (858) 490-4281

Michael Lomotan