I made a custom nightguard for my daughter to treat her nighttime grinding

Custom Nightguard for Kids

My daughter is a terrible teeth grinder.  Every night, as she enters her deep sleep phase, she starts to grind LOUDLY.  As both a mom and a dentist, that might be one of the worst sounds I could ever hear.  It keeps me awake, and subsequently keeps her awake as I try to nudge her to stop grinding.

I know that there's a root cause that needs to be investigated further, ie. airway obstruction or enlarged tonsils, but in the meantime I intend to protect her teeth from further wear and tear and hope that she outgrows the condition (if there is no other cause discovered).

Before you think about a custom nightguard, consult with your pediatric dentist first since this is something that should be closely monitored.  Children's teeth are constantly moving around, and the nightguard may need constant adjusting until their first adult teeth come through.  I can't emphasize this enough...PLEASE DISCUSS THIS WITH YOUR DENTIST FIRST!

Michael Lomotan