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Teeth Whitening From Our San Diego Dentist

Fairly or unfairly, appearances do matter -- so if your teeth have been defaced by years of accumulated stains or other discoloration, they could be harming your career and your social life, not mention your self-esteem every time you look in the mirror. If you're tired of hiding your teeth when you smile, eat or talk, it may be time to consider professional teeth whitening for better results than you can achieve at home. Either San Diego dentist here at Dental Design SD (Dr. Agatep or Dr. Avina) can administer this service to give you a stunning new smile.

teeth whitening in san diego

Understanding Tooth Discoloration and Whitening

Teeth may appear discolored for a variety of reasons, not all of them self-induced. The simple act of aging can gradually thin the enamel, exposing more of the naturally yellowish dentin beneath. Certain medications can also discolor teeth. Frequently, though, the stains are acquired through what we choose to ingest. Smoking and chewing tobacco can create dark yellow or brown stains (in addition to the other oral threats they pose). Coffee, tea, red wine, tomatoes and other deeply-colored products can also discolor your teeth. That's because enamel is porous, containing countless tiny openings through which staining agents can enter.

Teeth whitening products combat this problem by bleaching the stains away, usually with a peroxide-based active ingredient. You've probably seen many different home whitening kits on store shelves; you may even have tried some of them, with unsatisfactory results. One problem with these over-the-counter solutions is the fact that they contain a relatively weak peroxide concentration, forcing you to use them for days or even weeks before you see even a minimal difference. Their "one size fits all" design and lack of protection for sensitive gum tissues are other stumbling blocks.

Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening in San Diego

Our professional teeth whitening in San Diego can whiten your teeth more safely, quickly and effectively than any home whitening kit. Your San Diego dentist will first determine whether your discoloration is the type that can be addressed through whitening. (If not, we may recommend veneers of other cosmetic improvements.) We will also discuss any known tooth sensitivities you may have and the degree of whitening you want to achieve before we begin.

A protective barrier is painted onto the gums, and the peroxide gel is then applied to the teeth and kept in place for up to an hour at most. Thanks to the clinical-strength bleaching agent we use, a single session can make your teeth several shades whiter -- a great benefit if you're trying to improve your smile in a hurry for that special upcoming event!

Looking for a Tooth-Whitening Dentist in Sorrento Valley and San Diego?

If you're looking for a tooth-whitening dentist in Sorrento Valley and San Diego who can add new dazzle to your smile, call Dental Design SD at 858-490-4281. Our teeth whitening services can brighten your life!