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Services Offered By Our San Diego Dentist

A beautiful smile is a strong motivator for many people in search of a dentist, but a healthy mouth is even more critical. Fortunately, you can get a full range of preventative, cosmetic and dental treatment services here at our San Diego dental center, Dental Design SD. From a simple dental exam to TMJ treatment or even a full smile makeover, you'll always have the care you need from either San Diego dentist on our team (Dr. Kathrina Agatep or Dr. Anastasia Avina). 

Family after seeing dentist in San Diego for Dentistry care in San Diego

"It's not always about cosmetics. It's much more important to have good oral health to prevent other disorders such as gum disease, oral cancer, cardiac disease, and even migraine headaches. They say your eyes may be the window to the soul, but the mouth is really the window to your body's health. Oral health and overall health are more connected than you might realize, and it is my job to treat and educate you on your overall wellness plan..."

-Dr. Agatep

A healthy, beautiful smile is a strong motivator for people looking for a dentist in San Diego.  Here at Dental Design SD, Sorrento Valley’s premier dental center, we provide a full range of advanced dental services. From a simple examination to breakthrough procedures such as the Pinhole Surgical Technique, you will always experience the best possible care from Dr. Kathrina Agatep and Dr. Anastasia Avina, two of San Diego’s favorite dentists.  Our services include:

  • Dental Examinations - A regular dental exam allows us to check for tooth decay, problems inside the teeth or jaw, periodontal (gum) disease and oral cancer. We typically perform a professional cleaning at the same time to get rid of the tartar that commonly accumulates both above and below the gum line. This tartar can promote bacterial infection of the gums, teeth, jawbone and even other parts of the body.

  • Sedation Dentistry - Whether you have a dental phobia or are just feeling tense about an upcoming procedure, sedation dentistry can help. We can administer careful levels of a sedative that allows you be both deeply relaxed and able to communicate with your San Diego dentist.

  • CEREC Same Day Restorations - Our CEREC same day restorations can give you beautiful, perfectly-fitting crowns while you wait. Digital scans of the prepared tooth are relayed to our in-house CEREC fabrication unit, which creates the crown right then and there.

  • Cosmetic Dentistry - Crowns are just one of the cosmetic dentistry options available from your Sorrento Valley dentist at Dental Design SD. We also provide veneers, bonding, gum recontouring, fillings and clinical teeth whitening. Restorations for missing teeth include bridges, dentures and dental implants.

  • Invisalign - Invisalign "invisible braces" are really clear plastic aligner trays that fit your teeth perfectly and are almost undetectable. They can be an attractive alternative to traditional metal braces.

  • Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation - This minimally-invasive technique for correcting receding gums is much easier and less painful than gum grafting. A tiny "pinhole" is all that's necessary to reposition a small amount of gum tissue.

  • TMJ Treatment - Bite alignment problems can contribute to TMJ symptoms. Dr. Agatep is that rare dentist in San Diego who specializes in neuromuscular dentistry, enabling her to administer TMJ treatments.

  • Sleep Apnea Treatment - Sleep apnea can be related to jaw alignment issues that block the airway during sleep. A custom-fitted night guard can help us keep the airway open.

  • Six Month Smiles - Our advanced cosmetic braces can shorten the length of time it takes to straighten your smile -- and keep you smiling in the meantime. 

Need a Dentist in San Diego?

If your need a dentist in San Diego for any of these services, from a dental exam to TMJ treatment, look no further than our skilled team. Call Dental Design SD at 858-490-4281 to schedule an appointment!