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Welcome to Dental Design SD
Your Sorrento Valley Dentist in San Diego, CA

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Our dental care in Sorrento Valley is worth its weight in smiles. That's why we're so happy you've found Dental Design SD for all your present and future dental needs. Our San Diego dentist, Dr. Kathrina Agatep, looks forward to helping you with everything from routine care to specialized services

Our Sorrento Valley Dental Services

Family dentistry - Your whole family can rely on our Sorrento Valley dental team to help maintain a high standard of dental health and wellness. We provide twice-yearly examinations, x-rays and cleanings for all ages to protect teeth and gums from disease and catch any problems that require care. The sooner we treat a dental problem, the less damage it can do!

Functional and restorative dentistry - Even with optimal preventative care, teeth may experience cracks, cavities, breakage or infections that call for a variety of restorative efforts. Our Sorrento Valley dental clinic relies on CEREC same-day crown technology to fit you with permanent crowns as quickly and accurately as possible. We can also create dentures and other restorations to replace missing teeth.

Cosmetic and orthodontic dentistry - If you seek a more perfect smile, our San Diego dentist will give you something to smile about. Our Six Month Smiles feature can straighten crooked teeth without fitting you with obvious metal braces, thanks to a product called Invisalign. Invisalign uses custom-molded clear plastic appliances to gradually move your teeth into their ideal position -- and true to their name, they're practically invisible. If you'd just like your tooth surfaces to appear more uniform, veneers may be the ideal solution for your needs. Veneers are shell-like covers that look just like real tooth enamel while hiding your own enamel's cracks or jagged edges.

Some of our smile improvement services are both cosmetically desirable and important for your dental health. Receding gums, for instance, don't just look ugly; they're also a warning of gum disease that requires prompt treatment. Our gum rejuvenation services can dramatically improve both the health and appearance of your gums. Thanks to our use of a technique called pinhole surgery, we can perform gum rejuvenation much more easily and comfortably than older methods could allow.

Treatment for related health disorders - Many health problems that aren't primarily dental in nature may nevertheless respond to treatment from our San Diego dentist. Sleep apnea, for instance, is a blockage of the airway that may be aggravated by a faulty jaw position and bite alignment. TMJ treatment may also include dental alignment procedures to normalize your bite and relieve jaw joint stress and strain.

Get to Know Our San Diego Dentist in Sorrento Valley

We hope you'll examine this website and learn more about our various services, from TMJ treatment to gum rejuvenation and then get to know our San Diego dentist in Sorrento Valley personally by scheduling a consultation. Call 858-490-4281 to set up an appointment at Dental Design SD!